Sunday, 9 March 2014

Plus Size Fashion Styling Tips from Samaya Moods

plus size fashion by Samaya MoodsPlus size fashion has moved on in great leaps and bounds in recent years to allow women of a curvier persuasion to find great on fashion clothing at reasonable prices. It used to be the case that many high street stores only made and sold the latest styles in sizes that were well below the average size. These days, thanks to mail order retailers and the internet, you can find the latest trends and fashions in sizes to accommodate women of all shapes.

With 2014 bringing with it new trends, the shops are packed to the brim with a wide range of colourful patterns, monochrome LBD’s and your everyday basics to help you create your look. This season you can expect to find rich patterns playing a big role with the most popular looks coming straight from the catwalks. Whether you choose checkers, chevrons or more detailed designs matching a classic pattern with this season’s colour is crucial to staying on-trend.

Finding An Online Outlet You Can Trust

Samaya Moods is one online retailer that specialises in plus size fashion, bringing the latest trends in plus size fashion to Australian women. With a wide range of clothing available from essential basics to more sophisticated looks, building a plus size fashion style of your own couldn’t be simpler. The latest plus size fashions are incorporated into a flattering style which combines both Balinese and Javanese styles.

One of the more popular items of clothing with plus size women has to be the range of basic available. These simple everyday essentials allow you to build your look with a base of classic and well defined fabrics. These include the body fit Lycra Capri top that accentuates a fuller figure without feeling too cumbersome or uncomfortable.

These plain Lycra tops work wonderfully well with a layered style and combine perfectly with the addition of a colourful pattern over the top. Matching well with Samaya Moods’ Checker pattern will give your look a hint of sophistication, keeping on trend with this season’s monochrome look.

Another great look this season comes in the form of bright and bold patterns. Some of the most popular patterns that will make for great additions to your wardrobe have to be with Samaya Mood’s classic Jacquard series. These beautifully designed items are perfect evening wear for any party or soiree. The sleeveless Dress Niki is a great example of evening wear that is perfectly matched with leggings, pants and a simple top.

Thursday, 30 January 2014

The Latest Trends in Plus Size Fashion

With the seemingly constant change in fashion and style at many high street stores, it can be difficult to stay on trend at the best of times. Add to that the smaller selection of clothing that many high street stores have to offer when it comes to plus size clothing in Australia; it is little wonder why the few plus size fashion labels out there that make great clothes are so popular.

Clothing that is designed for plus sized women should not only look great, but also offer you a chance to show off our curves in a flattering way. Many plus size clothing ranges only offer baggy, unflattering items of clothing that seems of a different era. Not only will choosing the right style of clothes bring out the best in your shape, but being able to find a chic fashion label that compliments a fuller figure can help you feel more confident, too.

Many brands tend to play down a woman’s curves if they have a fuller figure, but labels that specialise in plus size fashion are able to maximise the potential of a curvy figure. Leading brands like Samaya Moods offer sumptuous designs in the fuller figure range that both flatter and impress. With a clear ethos to allow women to feel fabulous and look stunning, it is plus size fashion labels such as these that have become the go-to places to keep on trend.

Keep basic and accessorise
With a selection of everyday basics, you are able to grow your wardrobe to suit any occasion. Making sure that you choose the right outfits that flatter your figure will keep you feeling confident all day. Try to create a range of accessories in the colours you love to stay on-trend, and mix and match them together for maximum effect.

Black has always been the new black but try to mix it up a little by changing your colour habits. With a large range of beautiful patterns and designs to choose from, Samaya Moods offers a chance to select from the exquisite Cuba and Pheonix ranges to jazz up your everyday outfit. With a range of clothing from suit jackets, tops, pants, printed and  plain lycra, tunics and singlets to choose from, your new wardrobe starts here.

There are several things to bear in mind when trying to keep on-trend as a curvier woman, and by following a few tips you can create a beautiful wardrobe that will last the full year and beyond. The staples of your wardrobe should include clothes that fit properly, so making sure you get a proper fitting and measurement is an important aspect never to skip. Clothes that are too tight may exaggerate your size and not compliment your curves well. On the other hand, this is also the case if you choose clothing that is too baggy.

Keeping your accessories in scale will do wonders for bringing out your true beauty. Choose larger purses and accessories to match your confident attitude and you will soon see the results. You can have the perfect outfit all laid out for you but if you accessorise with a tiny purse and dainty jewellery they will stick out like a sore thumb.

Planning ahead for the year will serve you well when shopping online, so make sure that you have all the essential basics that you can start to build an outfit from. Making sure you choose the accessories to bring a little colour into your wardrobe will leave you with single colour undergarments and undershirts to help layer the perfect look. Aim bold and be confident and you will feel a million dollars for being on-trend.